The Best Uber Service Yet

As a result of probably the most luxurious remedy is the silent remedy.

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Narrator – Sam Reich
UberSSR Driver – Gerold Wünstel
CoolGuyInASuit Driver – Bernard Jones
Boyfriend – Zac Oyama
Girlfriend – Michele Santoro
Quiet Passenger – Siobhan Thompson
Uber X Driver – Greg Stees

Director – Greg Stees
Producer – Michele Santoro
Writers – Mike Trapp and Brian Murphy
Cinematography – Alex Pollini
Editor – James Fitzpatrick
President of Unique Content material – Sam Reich
Vice President of Manufacturing / Govt Producer – Spencer Griffin
Director of Manufacturing – Sam Sparks
Director of Submit Manufacturing – Michael Schaubach
Manufacturing Supervisor – Sam Kirkpatrick
1st Assistant Director – Stephen Predisik
Manufacturing Coordinator – Shane Crown
1st Assistant Digicam – John Morrissey
2nd Assistant Digicam / DIT – Alejandro Echevarria
Gaffer – Casey Merritt
Key Grip – Brody Culbertson
Swing Grip – Brett Frager
Manufacturing Sound – Luke Kelly
VFX Artist / Movement Graphics – Sabrina Curry
Submit Manufacturing Supervisor – Evan Watkins
Submit Manufacturing Supervisor – Andrew Mallonee
Head Assistant Editor – Phil Fox
Manufacturing Authorized – Karen Segall
Manufacturing Accountant – Christine Rodriguez
Assistant Manufacturing Accountant – Shay Parsons
Second Assistant Manufacturing Accountant – Rebecca Name
Manufacturing Assistant – Amarakvati Murphy Ly
Manufacturing Assistant – John Horan
Intern – Sarah Franke
Intern – Andrea Chrunyk
Intern – Nicholas Giggins-Hill

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