Furry Superheroes Are The Grossest (Furry Force Part 3)

They’re again… they usually’re furrier and grosser than ever.

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Victor Vivisector – Adam Conover
Leon – Brian Murphy
Krunk – Mike Trapp
Hip Hop – Adam Conover

Writers – Adam Conover and Brian Murphy
Producer – Sam Kirkpatrick
Put up Manufacturing Supervisor – Andrew Mallonee
Put up Manufacturing Coordinator – Cory McConnell

Govt Producer – Jonas Diamond
Producer – Mike Valiquette
Director/Producer – Wealthy Duhaney
Manufacturing Coordinator – Erin English
Storyboards – Marko Bajic
Editor – Sam Thomson
Idea Artwork – Marko Bajic, Peter Habjan, Mike Valiquette
Background Design – Marko Baijic
Background Paint – Michael Michell, Aramika Kliavin
Construct Supervisor – Joseph Lague
Character Animation – Brentton Barkman, Andre Guindi
FX Animation – David Simply
Compositor/Further Enhancing – Joel Gregorio
Sound Design & Combine – Paul O’Brien

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